Sunday, March 19, 2006

Wizard: Bestplaces

Wizard: "Your Best Places"

After filling out the questionaire, my top ten cities for relocation looked like the list below. While I admire BestPlaces' coverage and systematic approach, there are cities on this list that I would never choose as relocation spots. San Francisco is too expensive and crowded, Boston is too cold, and Minneapolis has brief winter sunlight periods. This wizard did not quite hit the target for me.

Below you'll find your BestPlaces.

1 . San Francisco , CA
Econ.:C, Housing:C, Educ.:A-, Health:A
Crime:C+ Rec.:A+, Culture:A+, Trans.:A+

2 . Boston , MA-NH-ME
Econ.:C+, Housing:C, Educ.:A, Health:A
Crime:B Rec.:A+, Culture:A+, Trans.:A+

3 . Washington , DC-MD-VA-WV
Econ.:C, Housing:C+, Educ.:A, Health:A
Crime:C+ Rec.:A+, Culture:A+, Trans.:A+

4 . Los Angeles-Long Beach , CA
Econ.:C, Housing:C+, Educ.:B, Health:B
Crime:C+ Rec.:A+, Culture:A+, Trans.:A+

5 . New York , NY
Econ.:C-, Housing:C, Educ.:B+, Health:B+
Crime:C+ Rec.:A+, Culture:A+, Trans.:A+

6 . San Diego , CA
Econ.:C, Housing:C+, Educ.:B+, Health:B-
Crime:C+ Rec.:A+, Culture:A+, Trans.:A

7 . Oakland , CA
Econ.:C, Housing:C, Educ.:B+, Health:C
Crime:C- Rec.:A+, Culture:A+, Trans.:A

8 . San Jose , CA
Econ.:C, Housing:C, Educ.:B+, Health:B
Crime:B Rec.:A+, Culture:A+, Trans.:B+

9 . Long Island , NY
Econ.:C, Housing:C, Educ.:A, Health:A-
Crime:A+ Rec.:A+, Culture:A+, Trans.:B+

10 . Minneapolis-St. Paul , MN-WI
Econ.:B, Housing:C+, Educ.:A-, Health:A-
Crime:C+ Rec.:A+, Culture:A+, Trans.:A


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