Friday, March 24, 2006

TownScores™ Real Costs of Transporation

TownScores™ Real Costs of Transporation

Rainy Seattle Commute

Let's compare transportation in some U.S. Cities. Statistical data can be dry, so I will add in a wet Seattle commute and stir vigorously.

Rainy Seattle Commute
My Commute home begins near downtown Seattle.

Average Hours Commuted per Year
Seattle 216 hours
Austin 191 hours
Atlanta 243 hours
Miami 259 hours
San Diego 209 hours
Tucson 188 hours
US Average 228 hours
Los Angeles 242 hours
Washington DC 275 hours
New York City 325 hours
San Francisco 242 hours
Dallas 233 hours
I added in a few larger cities, to see whether the commutes were substantially longer.

Rainy Seattle Commute
My windshield wiper slashes left, about to take a slice from the beloved "Canned Ham" building.

Rainy Seattle Commute
Under the I-5 "lid".

Ways People Traveled

Single Occupant Vehicle
Seattle 57%
Austin 74%
Atlanta 64%
Miami 64%
San Diego 73%
Tucson 70%
US Average 71%

Rainy Seattle Commute
Looks like a snap from an alien sighting video or a "dangers of drinking" PSA...

Seattle 11%
Austin 14%
Atlanta 13%
Miami 17%
San Diego 12%
Tucson 16%
US Average 15%

Rainy Seattle Commute
The sign, were you awake enough to see it, reads "Lynnwood 36 minutes, Everett 46 minutes." I guess all the people going there are above average.

Mass Transit, Monorail, Light Rail, Bus, etc.
Seattle 18%
Austin 4%
Atlanta 15%
Miami 11%
San Diego 4%
Tucson 4%
US Average 2%

Rainy Seattle Commute
Nothing like a little motion blur achieved by waving a camera phone about in a moving car. I assure you, it's perfectly safe.

Telecommute or Work from Home
Seattle 5%
Austin 3%
Atlanta 4%
Miami 2%
San Diego 4%
Tucson 3%
US Average 5%

Telecommuters still seem to be among the lucky few. Advantage: catch fewer colds. Downside: no social interaction.

Rainy Seattle Commute
Darkness falls. The Highway lights flicker on, illuminating the rain-slicked pavement of I-5.

Rainy Seattle Commute
Brakelights ablaze just north of downtown Seattle.

Unknown, No Data
Seattle 10%
Austin 5%
Atlanta 5%
Miami 6%
San Diego 6%
Tucson 8%
US Average 7%

Rainy Seattle Commute
Your work-addled brain detects a pattern.

Rainy Seattle Commute
Approaching the University District.

Rainy Seattle Commute
I hope you have enjoyed the ride. We'll have to put the top down next time.
Sources: Bureau of Transportation Statistics' Transportation Statistics Annual Report September 2004 Sperling's Best Places


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