Sunday, June 10, 2007

Pigeons Relocate to My House

Pigeons got themselves trappedSome pigeons took advantage of poor workmanship and penetrated the plastic screens under my carport eaves. I grabbed a ladder and cleaned out the nest under construction. Fastened the edges with a staple gun. Within twenty minutes, the pair of pigeons pictured here were back, having found another gap. They had stopped building and seemed trapped. I loosened the screen with a broom stick, and they were glad to exit. I grabbed the ladder and tools again, and began stapling the whole row of cubby holes. Many of the screens were cut too narrow, leaving up to a half inch gap on the sides. These I "extended" by pushing ring shank underlayment nails through the edges of the screens, and then hammering the tips into the wood. Teetering on a ladder cursing at wildlife turns out to be a great way to make an impression on new neighbors. Mine said of the pigeons, "They're industrious. Plus, they have nothing to do all day but make nests and babies." The solution held, which allowed me to stop and prepare for dinner guests.


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