Saturday, March 25, 2006

TownScores™ Political Spectrum

TownScores™ Political Spectrum

Do you care about the political leaning of your neighbors? Your city? Your state? Before you relocate, it is worth checking on the voting climate of your prospective new home. Note that these figures come from voter registrant party affiliation, not voting records.

Voter Registration Percentage by Parties

Democrat 64.95% * Republican 33.69%
Democrat 56.02% * Republican 42.00%
Democrat 59.28% * Republican 39.94%
Democrat 52.89% * Republican 46.61%
San Diego
Democrat 46.39% * Republican 52.52%
Democrat 52.55% * Republican 46.56%

As is typical for urban areas, Blue (Democrats) generally rule. The one exception, which I in no way expected, was San Diego. Hold your mouse over the asterisks in yellow, to see the makeup of the independent fringe. No symbolism was intended by that color choice, but it does remind me of the pnemonic used to distinguish deadly coral snakes from harmless milk snakes:

Red touch yellow, kill a fellow
Red touch black, venom lack

Source: U.S. Census Bureau Voting And Registration


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