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TODO list and work shoes await
TODO list and work shoes await...
My posting frequency has been down, because I have been chewing away at a pre-move TODO list. So far, I have hung a medicine cabinet, moved a towel bar, installed base shoe, painted trim, and distributed attic insulation. The flapper valve in the main floor commode gave out, so the list grows as I chip away at it. This reinforces the idea that I would be better off in a townhouse, when I relocate.

Much of the work involves getting rid of junk that had some value to me at one point. (And might in the future!) Even if I were not moving, this process makes me feel more free.

Cracked paint in second story closet
Cracked paint in second story closet

The List

I arranged this in roughly reverse-chronological order, and will prepend new items to the top of the list.

  • Repair jammed-up lazy Susan corner cabinets in kitchen
  • Sand, stain, and varnish antique doors (upstairs - 9 total)
  • [75% complete]Caulk and paint all installed or repaired baseboard
  • Sand and re-refinish hardwood flooring where stained by potted plant
  • Replace flooring in mud porch (cloak room)
  • Remove towel bar and set bathroom linen cupboard in its place.
  • Hang medicine cabinet
  • Distribute insulation bats in attic
  • Install base shoe in upstairs bedroom and hallway
  • Scrape all baseboard trim that was disturbed when hardwood floors were refinished.
  • Caulk and paint stair railings and baseboard (last step in stairwell restoration)
  • Furnish living room with entertainment center, end tables, leather couch, and leather reclining club chair
  • Paint main floor: living room, kitchen, and dining room
  • Restore plaster in stairwell, prep, and paint
  • Sand, stain, and varnish antique doors (basement - 6 doors)
  • Reframe basement room, and install oven, cabinets, and stackable washer and dryer
  • Refinish oak hardwood and fir softwood floors
  • Remove second floor carpet


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