Thursday, January 25, 2007

Austin Day One

After much delay, I moved to Austin, TX January 24, 2007! By "move", I mean brought myself and my remaining possessions via one-way airline ticket. Most of my possessions, in storage pods, beat me here by a month.

I first found refuge in a not-so- Super 8 Motel. $50-75/night for a smoking room. Get up early, or the employees and their various relatives will have eaten the "free breakfast" of scrawny apples, doughnuts, and Fruit Loops. The room heater provided an utter symphony of sound at night, competing with the motor traffic on IH-35 and the 2 AM garbage dumpster toss.

I had intended to rent an apartment first, to become accustomed to my neighborhood before buying. A tour of the best digs I could find on and was disappointing. Many listed as open were unavailable. Rooms did not live up to their photos. Some leasing agents could not be bothered to show the places! After just one morning driving around looking at apartments, I decided to bite the bullet and purchase a home. I can always sell in a year or so, and at least break even.


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