Sunday, May 28, 2006

Atlanta Campaign "Dicey"

Atlanta: Winning the GameCampaign button from the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce
I was delighted to find this promotional graphic. Does it make you want to move to Atlanta? Before I read about the campaign that this graphic represents, I'll share my impressions based soley on the graphic.

  • Moving to Atlanta would be dicey
  • Atlanta city fathers are gambling with its future
  • Atlanta must be run by old-school fat cats, like the Monopoly guy
  • Atlanta is competing with other cities in a game

Now I'll go and read up on the promotional campaign. Here's a quote:

The 2006 Chairman’s Committee Fundraising Campaign will soon START. This year, 150 volunteers from more than 25 corporations in metro Atlanta will SPIN their Rolodexes, ROLL their knowledge around and MOVE AHEAD, selling memberships, advertising and sponsorships, to FINISH at the $2.8 million goal.
So, it would seem that the Atlanta Chamber is promoting itself by milking both Rolodexes and gambling metaphors in bold capital letters. Lame committeethink. Though Atlanta grew up as a major railroad center, it would seem that the clue train has not made a stop there.


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