Thursday, May 11, 2006

Austin IRL: Music Scene

Austin IRL: Music Scene

John Vanderslice
John Vanderslice photo shot with camera phone
Austin is known for its music scene. My friend Renet and I ended up at Emo's, to see a good collection of artists. It was great to see them in a small venue. I noted the lack of posers in the crowd. On the bill, in the order we saw them, were...

  1. Oceanus - Korn-like thrashing and gutteral screaming. Lyrics unintelligible.
  2. Minus Story - Thoughtful band with high male vocals.
  3. Laura Veirs - Nerd grrrrl solo act with electric guitar and a magic box.
  4. John Vanderslice - to my ear, similar to Robyn Hitchcock.

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Minus Story, in all their glory.
Oceanus (not pictured) were mildly amusing for a little while. Power chords, croak, power chords, crrrrrrooooak! Much better diction was demonstrated by Minus Story, at right. I discovered sadly that the bar did not serve vodka martinis. But, at least they feature a mural of Wilma and Betty gettin' it on.

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Laura Veir, deadpan nerd grrl.
Laura Veirs played electric guitar, sang heartfelt, goofy, entertaining lyrics, and knelt frequently to adjust a box that supplied repeating riffs, percussion, and so forth. It was a bit unnerving to see her stop playing guitar, but hear the music continue. Sounded great, but looked like karaoke. Loved her vintage T-shirt.

John Vanderslice
John Vanderslice
John Vanderslice brought his A-game to the little club. He clearly enjoyed himself, displaying a boyish smirk at times. The lyrics were clear as could be, which is saying something in a small, packed, loud club. People of all persuasions sang along, including some boy geeks dancing on a platform at the far wall. He announced late in the set that "this is where the encore would be," and kept playing until time was up.


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